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Fishing on the Wild Side

Fishing on the Wild Side

Mike Fry doesn’t only live on the Wild Side of Tasmania, but also goes fishing in probably the wildest boat ever to troll for trout—certainly in Tasmania. 
When your mate says ‘What are you doing tomorrow, want to come up the Gordon for the night?’ it would be pretty hard to say anything else except “you bet” and start checking out your tackle box and packing your overnight bag. But if your mate was Troy Grining and he wanted to give his new 52ft, high speed cruiser a run across Macquarie Harbour, test the new onboard dory with a chance of landing a nice Gordon River Brown you would have to feel privileged. I didn’t say anything about getting on my hands and knees and kissing his feet…just having a lend of ya’ but I did feel very appreciative.

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Life StrawThe Life Straw, an essential part of my river fishing

I'm not one for carrying backpacks or drink bottles when river fishing as I like to fish as light as possible. This small item is an essential pert of my river fishing.. it's called the Life Straw.

Here's what I carry with me at all times when trout fishing the rivers since suffering a severe stomach & bowel infection from drinking the water direct from the rivers here in Tassie. I finished up being on a special Government authorised script for two weeks. It's called a Life Straw and it's used in many countries around the world where the drinking water is polluted. It filters 99.99999% of bacteria etc out of the water as you suck the water up through it.. I've always drank the water straight out of the rivers when trout fishing until the day I became very ill. It hit me around 5 hours after getting home from the Leven River after a fishing session I had. I did as I normally did and that was to drink the water straight from the river not realising ( or even thinking) about the run off from the paddocks that had cattle in them. We had quite a bit of rain several days earlier and I didn't even give it a thought.. I do now and that's why I spent $28.00 on the Life Straw which I have used for nearly two trout seasons now. It can filter 1000 litres of water so it's will last me quite a few seasons yet..


Life Straw


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