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Zebra or Luderick

Damon Sherriff

Over Ten years ago before I got married I lived at Georgetown with Sarah who is now my wife. I didn't have a boat so most of my fishing was down land-based. One of the closest locations to my home was the Low Head break water.

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Tamar River Report 6/1/2013

Well, I am quick to post success up in my reports, ....but you don't often hear so much of the failures (of which there are a few don't worry!) Given the calm weather this weekend, we decided to get our boat, aptly named "The Olympic torch"  (because it never goes out),.. out of the shed. Our hope was to get the kids onto a few flathead.

We were originally going to go to Swansea but given the fires, we thought it best to keep out of the authorities way and also partly out of respect for those affected. Saturday was spent ski biscuiting on the Tamar, whilst today was spent chasing a few flathead around the Bell Buoy Beach area.
Jacob drove us out and we started off catching a couple of quality fish, not long after it all went quiet, ...perhaps it was the pirates that caused the problem (see photo.)
Not even enough to feed the family....Gee we struggle on the Tamar river.
My two girls couldn't make today's trip as they had to work, but on the plus side, It was great to catch up with President Jim and Virginia McKenna.
Back to work tomorrow, bugger.
Regards - Todd

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