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Presented from Issue 102
The humble Flathead is without doubt the Tasmanian anglers most sought after recreational saltwater species.

They can be found virtually anywhere there is a sandy bottom, from our estuaries to our bays, they are easy to catch and as an added bonus, are fabulous on the dinner table as well.

Mike Stevens has asked me to pen a few words together aimed at those that want to start targeting this species and perhaps aren’t really familiar on how to go about it, so here goes.


There are three distinct species of flathead found around Tasmania and perhaps the most common is the southern sand flathead.

They can grow to around 50cm in length and over 2 kg in weight, but due to them having to be around 16 years of age in order to reach this size; fish like these are the exception rather than the rule.

Their colours vary depending on surroundings but they are usually a light brown or mottled pattern on top with a white belly.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Tyenna River 11/12/2012

I had some work to do in Hobart yesterday & Trev came along for support just in case we found a small stream somewhere on the way back.
“It so happened” that we did stumble across the Tyenna River after about an hour driving from Hobart.
We soon found a spot to start the search for our first ever Tyenna trout.
As soon as we started looking, we spotted fish ... Not that easy to catch though, being this close to the road.
I think they might have had every lure and fly in southern Tasmania chucked at them.

We soon realised we would have to walk in a bit and sure enough, “Bang”, Trevs on!
He had a half a dozen small fish in quick succession (only beating me because I was the main photographer, I must add.)
We kept moving up the river and soon spotted the fish we had come to catch; we estimated this trout to be in excess of ten pounds!
He swam around us for a few seconds, but soon disappeared out of the shallow gin clear water into the depths and not to be seen again.
Hopefully he will still be there when we return.
We moved on and caught several more small fish, all caught on the Yep Golden Seducer.
I know I say this every time I visit a new stream, but here goes again.
What a magical river.
We are so spoilt for choice here in Tasmania.
Trev & Dale

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