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Ikijimi method of killing fish

Once you have caught your fish it is most important that you handle and care for it correctly to ensure that it does not deteriorate to the point it is wasted. Deterioration occurs both through chemical and bacterial processes. Depending on the time taken and subsequent treatment of catch this will affect the taste and texture of meat.

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Penstock Lagoon 18/8/2012

We headed up to Penstock for the weekend and was joined by Ross Frankcombe and arrived there on Friday around 10.15am. After a quick unpack, we were on the water fishing at noon. A light north easterly wind posed little problems and Ross hooked (and lost) a nice fish, five minutes into our first drift. We managed two for this session before the wind dropped out, along with any further interest from the fish.

Only spotted one other boat, caught four using cat fly’s and sink tip
lines, fish had been feeding heavily on snails and damsel nymph, one
was still alive in the fishes stomach when we cleaned them.

Lost one, put one back and landed one before making tracks at lunch time.
All up I think we caught 8, keeping 6.

The fishes size ranged from 2.5 pounds to 4 pounds.

John Dekkers

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