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Trout Everywhere – Craig Rist

In Tasmania, trout have found their way into just about every trickle of water around the state. Many of these are very small tributaries of larger more popular rivers. The majority of the fish in these smaller streams are by no means monsters, with the average fish being somewhere between half a pound and a pound. Small brown trout dominate most of these small streams with the exception of a few rainbow only waters that are isolated from the dominant brown trout population.?The upper Mersey River between Lake Meston and Junction Lake is a classic example of this with its huge impassable waterfalls preventing any further migration of brown trout up stream.

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Swan River Report 25/10/2012

A mate rang me during the week and told me to try and get Thursday off for a day’s fishing. It didn't take me much to accomplish that part of the mission, so with that organised I rang back to make the plans for a trip to the Swan River. As it happened, my mate was now unable to attend this “planned outing” due to circumstances beyond his control (he is a big girlie man), so the only thing left to do was try and talk Trev into having a day off school.

It took quite a bit of persuading him, but eventually he succumbed to the pressure.I decided to make a quick call to a couple of the local bream gurus (Mike & Leroy) to find out some information on the Swan; they soon had us heading in the right direction.


It wasn't long before Trev had one in the boat and following a couple of quick photos, he was on his way again.
Trev also landed a couple more in quick succession and I hadn't had a touch, it was about this time that I was starting to think that bringing him wasn't such a good idea!
Soon after I found myself onto them as well though, with the biggest being 36cm.
I am not sure if this is classed as a big one but it was for me.
We were using the Yep Yellow Peril and Red Nut hardbodies.
The success of these lures on the Bream gives us great confidence for the St Helens Grand Slam in January, so look out Morehouse family!
We also managed plenty of salmon and Trev also bagged a mullet.
Had a great day, Yep, might give Georges Bay a go next.

Dale & Trev








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