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Fishing on the Wild Side

Fishing on the Wild Side

Mike Fry doesn’t only live on the Wild Side of Tasmania, but also goes fishing in probably the wildest boat ever to troll for trout—certainly in Tasmania. 
When your mate says ‘What are you doing tomorrow, want to come up the Gordon for the night?’ it would be pretty hard to say anything else except “you bet” and start checking out your tackle box and packing your overnight bag. But if your mate was Troy Grining and he wanted to give his new 52ft, high speed cruiser a run across Macquarie Harbour, test the new onboard dory with a chance of landing a nice Gordon River Brown you would have to feel privileged. I didn’t say anything about getting on my hands and knees and kissing his feet…just having a lend of ya’ but I did feel very appreciative.

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Rock Lobster Opening Dates 2013

Hi Mike
We are getting quite a few enquiries about the various rock lobster season opening dates and whether fishers can transit between open and closed areas.  I’ve attached a flyer here. The information is also on the DPIPWE website at:

We thought it may come up on your radio spot this Saturday which is the date the first area, the Western Region, opens.  Please contact Rod if you need further information.

Sally Williams

Fisheries Communications Officer
Wild Fisheries Management Branch
Dept of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
GPO Box 44

Ph:          (03) 6233 3119 or 0410 447 957
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