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Chasing Calamary

A small fishery developed in Tasmania for southern calamary in the early 1980's, with annual landings of around 10-30 tonnes up until 1997/98.  Catches have risen pretty quickly over the last few years, recently fluctuating around the 80-100 tonne mark and prompting several research projects into the biology of southern calamary.  The Recreational Fishery Trust, DPIWE, Tasmanian Industry Fishing Council, individual commercial fishers, and the Australian Research Council, are all supporting an exciting new calamary tagging and hi-tech tracking project, based at the Tasmanian Aquaculture & Fisheries Institute.  The project began in May this year and will run until April 2006, with most of the fieldwork conducted over the next two spring/summer spawning seasons.

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Across Agency Co-operation Saves Fish and Wildlife

Two compliance incidents this week demonstrate the effectiveness of across agency enforcement operations. The issues affected and involved both the Parks and Wildlife Service and the Inland Fisheries Service, and resulted in the protection of native fauna and recreational fishing species. This is good news for anglers and the Tasmanian community.

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