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Australian Salmon, Winter Estuary Excitement.

If there is one fish species that can help ease the winter blues, it would have to be the impressive Australian salmon. Locally known as either the cocky salmon or black back salmon, these great sport fish often remain in all the major estuary systems till the first big floods, and if the last few years are any indication, that means July or August. It doesn't matter how you plan to tackle salmon, with either bait, lure or fly, they are ready biters, sensational fighters, as well as being an acceptable, if not first class table fish.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

coastal-catches-2014-11-27Costal catches 27/11/2014

The wind is continuing to blow and it’s a recurring topic of conversation in the shop. There have been some opportunities to go fishing particularly in the early morning and those people taking advantage have been catching fish.

If you are heading up to the lakes to go fishing there is a very useful initiative for you to check out from Anglers alliance. They have installed web cameras at the following waters: Great Lake, Arthurs Lake, Penstock Lagoon, Lake Burbury, Little Pine Lagoon, lake Augusta, Brumbys Creek and Four Springs. The web address to go to is You are able to see what the weather conditions are like from the start of the day through to the time you look at the site.


The Mersey River continues to be the jewel in the crown for the North West as far as trout fishing is concerned. Fly fishers are catching fish especially in the early mornings and evenings and spin fishers are doing well on blade type lures such as celtas. Ever since a group at Latrobe negotiated environmental water flows to be maintained throughout the year, the river has just been getting better and better. It’s now so good that there are bugs under every rock and wildlife is thriving. We need to offer a big thanks to the group at Latrobe who had the foresight to identify a problem and then negotiate a solution. It shows what can be done through co-operation.

There are still plenty of Squid around at the moment and there have been good catches at Rocky Cape, Sisters Beach, Doctors Rocks and Emu Bay. If you want a go to Squid Jig to try check out the Daiwa Emeraldas Jig in Nemo colour. It’s probably the most ridiculous coloured squid jig we have ever stocked but it’s catching lots of squid.

There are plenty of Gummy Shark around at the moment so if you get the opportunity they are worth targeting.

The Ulverstone junior anglers are having another junior angling day at Frombergs dam at Ulverstone this Sunday from 10am till 3pm. All are welcome and the kids will have a ball. The same group will be holding a Ladies Fishing Day the following Sunday (7th December) so ladies put it in your diaries. More details will follow next week.

Photo - Ashleigh Cooper showing the lads how to catch Calamari last weekend



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