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Mike Stevens
I had an early morning trip to late in March chasing kingfish with St Helens charter operator Michael Haley.
I had previously only caught one kingfish in Tasmania, but quite a few in NZ. There had been a lot of talk about kingfish, but not much catching.
Kingfish had been around Elephant Rock at St Helens for a while, and whilst quite a few people had been catching them plenty were struggling to get any.

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Four Springs Report 1/4/2012

With today’s weather being as good as it was, I decided to head out to Four Springs for a couple of hours. I arrived at 9.30 am, and to be honest, with it being that late in the morning, I didn’t expect much in the way of any fishing action. Upon arrival, I was soon to realise my first mistake,... I didn’t bring my fly rod.

I had thought about it, but “reconsidered” with the logic that all the dry fly action was nearly over for the year. Since stripping wet fly’s doesn’t excite me too much nowadays, I thought I had made the correct decision.
Plenty of Duns and heaps of Red spinners about, with the fish interested! “Hmmm” goes to show how much I know!
Anyway, I flogged away with soft plastics for around an hour without even a touch and was thinking about heading home when I remembered I had a couple of Dales Yep Hard bodies left in my tackle bag, from Lake King Willy the other day.
Within 5 minutes I had a lovely rainbow of around three pounds beside the boat but as I had the drag set a “touch too heavy”, he pulled the hooks just as I was reaching for the net.
Ten minutes later I hooked another that gave me a good run for my money, but with the reset drag, I didn’t make the same mistake twice!
Another brown of a couple of pounds followed not long after.
I was back home again at around 1.30 pm wondering what could have been,  “if I did in fact”, bring my fly rod.
Still thankful that I managed a couple, all the same.
Will head back there early one morning this week.
Hopefully the fly rod will get another bend in it yet? ....before the season closes.




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