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Small Stream Therapy

Neil Grose is better known to most as a professional trout guide and for his articles on advanced fly fishing techniques - such as "Loch Style" an "Nymphing" .His roots though, and one of his favourite places lay in small streams. Perhaps this article will encourage you to escape to this paradise.

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Lake St.Clair 22/1/2012

I fished with Bailey, arrived on Saturday around 11.30am to 8pm, fished in the Derwent Basin and around the Frankland beaches area. What a fantastic spot to fish, scenery outstanding and no crowds as we were the only boat on the lake.

We caught 8 brownies from 1lb to 2.5lb, all on dry beetle patterns, lost a few as well.
Bailey caught his first trout on the fly here, he is doing a great job with the fly rod at the moment.
We saw a lot of fish chasing the dragon and damsel fly’s but they are very hard to catch, most of the fish we caught were feeding on gum beetles, we saw a few right in close feeding so I dropped Bailey off on the shore and he caught the best fish of the day, a 2.5lb brownie.
He was absolutely rapt, all fish were in good nick and very strong fighters, nice colour inside as well, weather very hot and sunny.
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