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December and January trout options

Peter Hayes
I noted with interest recently that after more than a dozen years of guiding my most regular clients come during December January. Two clients in particular are emphatic that the best week of the season is the third week in December. In this dozen years one of these clients has never missed catching at least his bag (12) limit of trout on at least one of the days of his visit.

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When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

Fish Frenzy at the Huntsman Lake - around 8th Nov.

Hi All,
After two false starts with my boat this season I arranged to meet Jim at Deloraine at a time that would have us waiting at the Huntsman boom gate with our waders on and boat ready to launch at 6am. Jim reckoned that the boom did not operate until 6.01 costing him fishing time! When we did launch into a spilling lake and whilst setting our rods the auxiliary motor developed problems, with the water pump only slow dripping! Stop the motor, wind in and head to shore under the power of the big motor. Rod not happy and very frustrated as the motor had been to the motor hospital and supposedly fixed! Jim being a non smoker has very good lungs and blew up the tube fixing the problem.
Weather was cold early and cloudy with little wind and a light ripple. A good day's fishing - 21 bagged with 8 "drop offs" (mostly mine). All in excellent condition with the larger portion the traditional flesh colouring of the highlands. Although we caught fish at all depths most were hooked at 4 colours of lead line. All fish were hooked on hard plastic lures, from two different manufacturers. Most were boated early in the day. There was little action after lunch although weather conditions did not change. Jim caught the most using his usual lure.  Two of these he left on the lake bottom but do not despair he still has more than a good pocket full left!
He did give me ample opportunity to catch up as he dragged a "lure less" lead line for a least 3/4 of a hour.
Footnote:-  In general a good day for the fishermen!
Rod Summers.
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