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After a short drive from home I pulled into the parking area I frequently use adjacent to a bridge spanning the Mersey River, my old friend. The first priority, as always, was to walk onto the bridge to have a look at the river conditions. This revealed that things were looking good with the late afternoon sun revealing a mixture of mayfly spinners and white caddis in the air above the rippling river in the soft October light. The mayfly spinners were especially noticeable with the sun glinting through their iridescent wings as they danced en-masse. Swallows, fantails and wrens were also on the wing taking advantage of the easy meal on offer. A splash or two in the river below indicated that another predator had noticed the insects as well!

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meander 2016 01 15Very poor three hours on the Meander River 15/1/2016

Still feeling pretty stiff and sore from yesterday's five hours in the Meander River I wasn't right to go fishing again until around 1.00pm today. Even then I was still feeling sore in the back and hips but popped down a couple of Panamax and headed of back to the Meander River at Montana. I thought I would try different stretch of river that I haven't fished for a couple of seasons. The main reason is because it's one of the toughest stretches of the Meander River to fish because the bottom is very rocky and quite often slippery too. Being a bright sunny day the good thing is that by the time I get there around 2.00pm it will have some shade along the western side of it.

After a one & a half kilometer walk from where I had parked the car and then a bit of bush bashing I was finally in the river. I started off with the Rapala as I was fishing a long 200 mtr wide stretch of slow flowing clear water which was better suited to the hard body lure. Well I never had a single follow or even sited a trout over this stretch of river at all. I had now reached a fast water run and it was on with the black fury. First cast across the river and letting the flow take the spinner downstream I had my first hook up from a small brown. It was soon gone as it leapt from the river it tossed the lure.
The rocks were also very slippery and it was very tough going, probably not the best decision to fish here today the way my body was feeling either. I was struggling for sure, but I was here now so I may as well stick it out. I fished six fast water runs and three medium flowing stretches for just the five hook ups and three small (290gm) browns landed over three hours. I had finally reached the area were I had parked the car and couldn't get out of the water quick enough as I was buggered. I did think of trying another stretch of river but decided against it. I reckon I'll now have the weekend off as I'm paying the price for it now..


Beautiful stretch of river, but very tough going too.

meander 2016 01 15


Tough stretch of the Meander River Montana

Tough stretch of the Meander River Montana15 1 2016


Not easy here Meander River at Montana

Not easy here Meander River at Montana15 1 2016 

Small Meander River brown

 Small Meander River brown 2016 01 15

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