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Sea runners - Early Season Excitement - Christopher Bassano

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Considering the world class quality of our sea trout fishery, these fish are not sought after by enough anglers. Sea runners live in the salt water and run up our estuaries and rivers from the start of August to the middle of November. At this time of the year, they are here to eat the many species of fish that are either running up the rivers to spawn or are living in and around the estuary systems. Trout, both sea run and resident (Slob Trout) feed heavily on these small fish which darken in colouration as they move further into fresh water reaches.

The majority of these predatory fish are brown trout with rainbows making up a very small percentage of the catch. They can be found all around the state but it would be fair to say that the east coast is the least prolific of all the areas. They still run up such rivers as the Georges (and many others) but their numbers along with the quality of the fishing elsewhere make it difficult to recommend the area above the larger northern, southern and western rivers.

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2016 04 28 Mepps gold black fury Mersey River brown

Low cloud and light rain had me setting off to the Mersey River again this morning in what were ideal conditions for trout fishing. This time I was fishing at the top bridge which is around three kilometers upstream from where I fished yesterday. It wasn't one bit cold this morning, probably because it was 10.00am before I was in the river. Today I'm using the #00 gold black fury, only because it's the spinner that's already set up on the rod I'm using today. I'll change it if need be.


After ten minutes of working my way upstream and concentrating on flicking the spinner into the flat water on the opposite river bank under the willows I had my first brown trout on for the session. It was soon in the net, quick pic and back in the river. Twenty meters further up I picked up another nice brown in the tail end of a long slow flowing section of river. After releasing that nice brown I hopped out of the river and bypassed the long stretch of water to get back fishing another stretch of fast water. I managed to catch another two browns here from three hook ups as well as having two hit and misses. I had only been fishing for one & a half hours when I called it a day. I wasn't feeling all that good between the shoulder blades again today so I didn't want to aggravate it too much with three days of the season left after today. I still want to have a few more days fishing if I can. In all, it wasn't a bad session on the Mersey River, no doubt had I fished on I'm sure I would have caught a few more fish.


Nice size brown caught here Mersey River

2016 04 28 Nice size brown caught here Mersey River


Dull conditions Mersey River

2016 04 28 Dull conditions Mersey River


Very nice Mersey River brown

2016 04 28 Very nice Mersey River brown


Mepps gold black fury Mersey River brown

2016 04 28 Mepps gold black fury Mersey River brown

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