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Early season fishing can be very challenging. Too challenging for this mere mortal of a fishing guide so I don’t like to guide before October. You see, I have a problem taking money from clients for what I consider mostly to be sub-standard (read sub- surface) fishing.

My clients love sight fishing on warm balmy days. Whilst early season shallow water tailers can offer great sport on lake margins and flooded river edges the weather is anything but balmy and the sport is particularly unreliable.

If you are Johnny on the spot, you have good local knowledge of water levels and conditions and you are not scared of frosty, foggy early mornings, then by all means be my guest. You may just find some of the best fishing of the season.Read more ...

When you have finished for the day, why not have a brag about the ones that didn't get away! Send Mike an article on your fishing (Click here for contact details), and we'll get it published here. Have fun fishing -

2016 02 25 Solid river brown aShort sharp session yields eight browns - 25/2/2016

After having 23mms of rain yesterday I thought I'd check out a river that runs through a friends property around 15 kms from Sheffield to see if it had risen enough to have a spin session.. It had risen by a couple of inches and was just fish-able in my opinion.

So it was on with the gear and into the river flicking the little copper black fury around and the first small stretch gave up three fish in no time at all. The best fish going 370gms, a nice well conditioned brown it was too. It was a little quiet over the next couple of runs, though I did manage two hook ups from small browns that quickly tossed the spinner on the first leap from the shallow water.
The next four hundreds meters varied from too shallow for spinning to just a reasonable depth for spinning. I did catch and release another five nice river browns with the best fish going 320gms and the smallest just on 270gms. I also lost four others as well. The wind had started to pick up and with it came the rain and also the end of my session.
I had only been in the river for just over an hour too and I knew I would have caught several more had I wished to continue. I didn't feel like getting soaked through today,though by the time I had walked back to the car I was pretty wet. In all it was a pretty good short & sharp session. At the time of writing this report (3.30pm) it is till raining and I'm hoping it will for quite a bit longer too as to put a little more water into the rivers. I doubt that it will as it looks very light looking to the West where it's been coming from.. Bugger!!


Three browns taken from this run

2016 02 25 Three browns taken from this run


Picturesque section of river

2016 02 25 Picturesque section of river


Solid river brown

2016 02 25 Solid river brown


Another beautifully coloured brown

2016 02 25 Another beautifully coloured brown.

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