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Early season - Bob McKinley

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013
Bob is a professional fishing guide and guides for trout and estuary species. Check him out at

There are several things we look for in our early season trout waters. It is still winter and cold, so some of the things to consider are: Altitude as this dictates the water temperature and therefore feeding activity. Food for the fish. Availability of trout food is generally dictated by the quantity and quality of weed beds.

Quantity of fish.

Three waters which I believe fit all three requirements are:

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Derwent Sea Runner

My names Daniel Crane. I caught a Derwent Sea Runner on Friday 19th just gone in the upper reaches of the Derwent just below Bridgewater. It weighed just shy of three pounds and fell to a Berkley Pearl olive Flick Bait in which the fish just smashed nearly swallowing the whole soft plastic.

It was good to see the amount of fish moving in the area feeding even though this was the only one landed for the arvo bigger fish were seen rising as the derwent was like a milk pond and you could see every movement.
The river was still very dirty from all the rain and just full of dead bugs floating mainly black bugs and all the floating grass weed made some fishing hard as there were a lot of wasted casting where you were just reeling in clumps of weed, But it was also good to see a little school of white bait skipping through the water hard up against the reeds which i thought was a good sign hoping that they will get about early this season.
Its good to see this amount of fish life already as the white bait haven't really taken off even though little schools are about, I think its gonna be a great season for the sea runners and i reckon we will be seeing a few more Derwent River sea runners yet.

Cheers, Daniel Crane

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