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"Angling is an art - Hannah Ledger

and an art worth your learning.."

Presented from Issue 112, October 2014
So said Izaak Walton in the 1600s. It seems that Burnie’s Hannah Ledger has combined angling with art rather well. Hannah is a fish fanatic, outdoor enthusiast and budding, self-taught artist. From as young as she can remember, she has always had crayon in hand, colouring book under arm and as she’s grown as a painter, jars full of paintbrushes and cupboards full of ready-to-go blank canvas’.

A country girl at heart, Hannah was schooled at Yolla District High School, a small ‘farm’ school in the states North West, then went on to Hellyer College where she was given the opportunity to really grow her art skills; And by grow, that meant skipping the classes that would probably have more an impact of getting her somewhere in life, like English and Math to spend every spare minute with the art teacher, painting or drawing.

As typical teenagers do, they make poor decisions- and after being accepted in to one of the countries top art schools, turned down the offer and decided to move to the big island, where she lived for 5 years working in what seemed ‘dead end’ retail.

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Bronte-Fly-fishing-school-January-2014-aBRONTE FLY FISHING SCHOOL 2016

The Devonport Fly Fishing Club (Inc) will once again be holding their annual Fly Fishing School at Bronte Lagoon in the Tasmanian Central Highlands from the 10th to the 15th of January 2016.

In existence now for over 20 years the School has been acknowledged as an excellent forum for the beginner or total novice to learn Fly Fishing.

At a cost of $150 per student, for the five day course, it represents excellent value. Many students choose to attend with their families leading to a great social time together and many new friendships. The club actively promotes the enrolment of women in the course. Junior anglers are also welcome provided they are under adult supervision.

Students who undertake the course will be required to supply all their own angling gear and if choosing to camp on the site will need to be self-sufficient. The club will supply instruction marquees, camp sites, and porta loos. Showers are available at the nearby Bronte Park Highland Village. They also offer accommodation for those that choose not to camp on site.

Students are well supported by experienced instructors and a comprehensive program to help fast track the learning experience. There are also many social opportunities, a highlight being a Spit Roast dinner on the final night.

Some of the topics covered include Water and Wading Safety, Tackle Setup, Fly Types and Selection, Knots & Leaders, What Trout Eat/Entomology, Casting Techniques, Reading Lakes and Streams and Fly Tying.

Students from previous years are encouraged to come back as Return Students. There is a separate syllabus which will enable them to take that next step and follow on from the previous year’s learning. The Return Students fee is $70.

Camp information and enrolment forms can also be found at:

Any inquires or questions can be directed to one of the following;
​John Hepburn​​ 64245113
Barry Jacobson​ 0409 947 185
Wayne Bellette ​0418 138 672

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