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Sea run trout tactics – Craig Vertigan

Sea run trout tactics – Craig Vertigan

During the trout off-season I tend to spend a bit of time chasing bream, to continue getting a fishing fix, and spend time tying flies and dreaming about the trout season to come. It’s a time to spend doing tackle maintenance, stocking up on lures and dreaming up new challenges and goals for the trout season ahead. When the new season comes around I usually spend the first few months targeting sea runners. Sea run trout are simply brown trout that spend much of there lives out to sea and come in to the estuaries for spawning and to feed on whitebait and the other small endemic fishes that spawn in late winter through spring. Mixed in with the silvery sea runners you can also expect to catch resident fish that have the typical dark colours of a normal brown trout as well as atlantic salmon in some of our estuaries that are located near salmon farm pens. Living in Hobart it is quick and easy to do a trip on the Huon or Derwent and is a more comfortable proposition compared to a trip up to the highlands with snow and freezing winds to contend with.

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'DAD do you want me to show you how?'

Last weekend a few ANSA (Australian National Sportfishing Assoc.) members had a trip to North West Bay, south of Hobart and it absolutely went off. The short visit saw large Australian salmon 500mm plus, tailor and pick-axe couta all taken on silver slice Halco lures. The action was so fast with the Tailor and Salmon chasing pilchards in bait ball and couta flashing under the main school nailing anything that strayed from the safety of the mass that triple hook ups were the rule.

Young Jacob and Holly Caruso showed their father Mike just what gun fishers are all about. Jacob is shaping up to be a club champion and is shown here holding a nice Australian Salmon that went home for the pan.
The best spots in North West Bay are on the Eastern Approaches just wide of the salmon Pens. On the incoming tide the water is pushed up out of Storm Bay and the channel and this brings the bait to the surface along with it the marauding packs of pelagic. A slow trawl along this line will eventually find the fish.
Mike Caruso also was hit by something that took all his new line in the direction of New Zealand and is still going. He thinks it was probably a mega kingfish and with these magnificent fish increasing in size and number over past weeks it is only a matter of time before a record fish is landed.



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