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Trolling for Trout

Leroy Tirant
Trolling for Trout is undoubtedly the most popular and challenging form of fishing in Tasmania. It can be as easy as tying on a lure and towing it behind the boat, but believe me there is so much more to trolling, as it can be much more rewarding and enjoyable.

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2014 Tasmanian Flycasting Championships

The 2014 Tasmanian Flycasting Championships were held at the beautiful Salmon Ponds at Plenty.  The weekend celebrations of the 150th Anniversary  since the introduction of Trout ensured a large positive crowd were present to  watch the competition.
  Inland Fisheries had generously donated $1000 for  the event, so the competition for club funds was a little more intense this year.   Two events were held, The Dry Fly Accuracy  and the technically challenging Wet Fly.   An interesting  variety of styles and techniques made their way across the plank to warm applause and encouragement.  Of course its all about accuracy rather than style but i have to mention the beautiful controlled casting of Lauchie Hayes. 
At the end of days play, the Kingborough Club won the Club championship, with the Tasmanian Flytyers 2nd and Inland Fisheries 3rd.
In the individual  competition, Graham Davis came 1st, the ever improving Lachlan Hayes 2nd and David Hemmings 3rd.
Lauchie Hayes  was the only competitor in the junior section.
Finally, I'd like to thank the many volunteers that helped on the day and Inland Fisheries for the generous donation.
See you next year 
David Hemmings

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