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Early season - Bob McKinley

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013
Bob is a professional fishing guide and guides for trout and estuary species. Check him out at

There are several things we look for in our early season trout waters. It is still winter and cold, so some of the things to consider are: Altitude as this dictates the water temperature and therefore feeding activity. Food for the fish. Availability of trout food is generally dictated by the quantity and quality of weed beds.

Quantity of fish.

Three waters which I believe fit all three requirements are:

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St Helens Report

Fished on Saturday hoping to get on to some Albacore, got to the ramp at 9.30 am, slept in, too many drinks on the Friday night certainly doesn’t help.

Headed to the Binalong Patch, not much happening on the shelf so went back to the 100 metre mark and started hooking up straight away, not albies - only striped tuna, caught a dozen in no time.
Young Jack Seabourne and Bailey had a ball with them as they are good fighters, better than albies but not much good to eat, we kept a few for mako berley for next time.
Fishing time was cut short due to Glen Round getting a treble hook embedded deep in his thumb trying to get hooks out of Jacks fish, so back in at 2 pm to get some medical treatment, he survived the ordeal.
Fishing has been hot the last few weeks at St Helens, a couple of mates of mine have had good days catching big numbers of albies on the 100 metre mark as well as some stripies, also getting some nice blueye trevalla on the Binalong Patch and some Rays Bream which are a rarity and a frost fish which you don’t get very often (have caught a couple before up Eddystone Patch).
All stripies were caught on Mac baits, hope we get some albies next time.


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