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Seasickness - You have or will suffer

Shane Flude
There would be few people reading this magazine that have
not suffered at some stage to some degree with seasickness.
Sometimes referred to as Mal de mer, seasickness is a form
of motion sickness and statistics show that 90% of people
will suffer from some form of motion sickness during their
life. Read more ...

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lake-leake-2014-11-16Lake Leake 16/11/2014

Left home at 4am, the Sun was well and truly up when I arrived. The water was like glass, fish on top everywhere after midge. Spooky as hell .Managed 2 on the fly and lipped another three... Too quick on the strike. I trolled a soft plastic around whilst looking for solidly feeding fish and had a brown that would have easily went 4 -5 pounds jump 3 times and spit the hook, also had another big grab for a solid head shake but no hook up.... T/ tails.

Fly is definitely the go there now .
Only four boats on lake.
I ran into  local guru Mick Byrne at the ramp he had one. Said last week he fished the mouth of the snowy an witnessed one of the best dun hatches for a long time and as a result had a ball.
Said he was standing in the shallows in his gumboots  and at one stage had 20 huge fish swimming at his feet slurping up everything that moved.

Saw a few Duns popping up just before I left.
Hard work but the rewards are there if you strike it right methinks.



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