Life StrawThe Life Straw, an essential part of my river fishing

I'm not one for carrying backpacks or drink bottles when river fishing as I like to fish as light as possible. This small item is an essential pert of my river fishing.. it's called the Life Straw.

Here's what I carry with me at all times when trout fishing the rivers since suffering a severe stomach & bowel infection from drinking the water direct from the rivers here in Tassie. I finished up being on a special Government authorised script for two weeks. It's called a Life Straw and it's used in many countries around the world where the drinking water is polluted. It filters 99.99999% of bacteria etc out of the water as you suck the water up through it.. I've always drank the water straight out of the rivers when trout fishing until the day I became very ill. It hit me around 5 hours after getting home from the Leven River after a fishing session I had. I did as I normally did and that was to drink the water straight from the river not realising ( or even thinking) about the run off from the paddocks that had cattle in them. We had quite a bit of rain several days earlier and I didn't even give it a thought.. I do now and that's why I spent $28.00 on the Life Straw which I have used for nearly two trout seasons now. It can filter 1000 litres of water so it's will last me quite a few seasons yet..


Life Straw


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