Tyenna River

A recent trip to the Tyenna River had me land this 9 1/2 pound brown not quite tipping the double figures..though loosing half a pound or more having nothing at all in it's stomach and being a tad slabby.

My best trout to date though hooked and lost some nice trout ( as the story always goes "THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY" ) but it took two goes to land this one as it did get away the first time but not far. The river was up and flowing pretty hard and i found a nice little eddy in which was resonably still and held a bit of structure a few small logs and things a good spot for a trout to be sitting I thought, i was right.

After around a dozen or so casts "for nothing" the last cast before heading to another location I had reeled all the way in and just about to bring my lure out of the water when SMACK this enormous white mouth
just came up from underneath this small log I was standing on and grabbed the lure (it scared me) But it didnt end there. The trout had half beached itself on this log right at my feet and then started to slowly slide back into the water almost like it was in slow motion.

"Got you", I thought as I lifted my rod to get ready for the battle but to my horror had found that the fish had spat the  hook and  was nicely imbeded into the log not the fish, in which the fish was still sitting beside  its head about two inches from my snagged lure. Shacking and trying not to move I had to slowly lean forward and with the tip of my rod gently try and free my lure off the log and finally did so without spooking the fish which to my amazement was still sitting there.

So after quickly double checking my drag I then only had to pull a metre or so of line out of the end of my rod and without even casting dragged the lure back in front of the fishes head and SMACK the fish grabbed the lure again for the second time, this time hooking the fish not any log. Only a short battle and a shacky net attempt i had landed my biggest trout to date a nice female brown.
And yes there was a little alone celebrating dance at the end of it...

Cheers, Daniel Crane.