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1. Bradys Lake stocked with salmon
Bradys Lake received 288 Atlantic salmon yesterday (Monday 15 March) from Tassal, the same size (between 2 to 3.5 kg) as the 400 plus that went into Lake Meadowbank on 5 March. There will be another stocking of Tassal salmon prior to Easter.
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2. Carp at Lake Sorell
The battle is on for the IFS carp team as a result of last spring/summer spawning at Lake Sorell - an unpreventable outcome of the ideal conditions this fishing season. Over 15,000 juvenile carp from the spawning have been removed to date and the population of adult fish has been reduced significantly over the summer period. With about the same number of juveniles remaining in the Lake, the team has a window of opportunity of about 3-5 years to capture as many as possible before they mature. The Lake Sorell spawning and successful recruitment of carp this summer is a real set-back for the carp team, which had been so successful in reducing the carp population in recent years. Prior to this season, over 10,000 carp had been removed from both lakes, the adult population in Lake Sorell was down to around 50 fish and no females inhabited Lake Crescent (just a few of the male tracker fish remaining).
Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/the-war-on-carp

3. Draft Boating Infrastructure Plan released for Comment
MAST, Hydro and IFS have been working together over recent years to upgrade and construct access and boating facilities at a number of the State's top waters, particularly in response to low water levels (eg Arthurs Lake, Great Lake, Lake Echo and Catagunya). The Draft Boating and Infrastructure Plan has been developed in partnership between the three organisations to help guide funding priorities for boating facilities into the future. It is available for comment until 30 May 2010. This is also a reminder to angling clubs that applications for MAST's Recreational Boating Fund in 2010 should be submitted by 31 March.
Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/draft-boating-infrastructure-plan-for-comment

4. New Fish-out Pond for Kids at Liawenee
IFS has just completed the construction of a second juniors" fishout pond at Liawenee in preparation for the IFS Trout Weekend on 22-23 May, which effectively doubles the space for kids to fish for trout. Fishcare Volunteers have managed the kids fishout pond at the weekend event over the past two years and it is extremely popular, with many happy kids taking home their catch.
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5. Inland Fisheries Business Clean Up Day
IFS participated in the recent Business Clean Up Australia Day with four teams picking up rubbish at a range of popular fishing waters. It was pleasing to note that the amount of rubbish left at some of the State's most popular fishing waters, such as Penstock Lagoon, waters in the Bradys system, Lake Echo was significantly reduced, while the waters in the lower Derwent region, particularly the Broad River area, were quite disgraceful.
Read more at http://www.ifs.tas.gov.au/ifs/inland-fisheries-business-cleanup-day

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