Sorell area well worth a visit

There is plenty of variety available in the Sorell area, as Adam Hill explains. 
There are many good fish to be caught in my local area, the South East Region, for whatever form of fishing you like i.e. bait, lure or surf fishing.

Fredrick Henry Bay is good with excellent boat ramps around the area. The boat ramp at Dodges Ferry is one of the best I have seen.

Flathead are the most prolific fish caught in the bay, with many spots offering good sized fish. A hot spot for large flathead I have found, is directly off the airport runway at Seven Mile Beach, it has rarely let me down. Other good flathead spots are off Primrose Point drifting down into Susan's Bay and around Slopen Main.

Australian Salmon numbers have picked up over the last three weeks with large numbers of Mutton birds feeding in the bay. I always see this as a good sign when targeting salmon. Throwing your silver lure amongst the birds and letting it sink and retrieving it in a jigging motion seems to do the trick paying attention as to not catching the birds.

I have found trawling from Carlton River mouth around to Primrose Sands about 20 to 30 feet off shore to be productive in the catching of Australian Salmon with a few Couta showing themselves the last week or two.

Pirates Bay in the Tasman Peninsula is starting to come alive with the Tuna season starting to get into full swing. The shore based fisherman shouldn't despair as plenty of options open to you in this area. The jetty is offering good Squid numbers and plenty of slimy Mackerel with the odd Salmon to give you a good variety. And for those of you who work by day and fish by night, Egg Beach ay Pirates Bay is producing good gutters for fishing the wee hours of the night with some large Salmon being caught on a ganged Pilchard or Anchovy. A full moon is a good advantage. On passing through Sorell to your next fishing location call into Sorell Fishing and Outdoor Supplies for advice and all your tackle needs.