Four Springs Kayak Report

Have attached some pics Friday afternoons kayak session with a mate at Four Springs.
Tried the trusty old black/gold t tail and also the powerbait 3" minnow in pearl olive for the first hour or so with no luck. Thought I might give the gold/black Hawk Chunk a run and whoompa....healthy 4lb rainbow to open the account;

Four Springs Report Friday 5th November

I was going to go to Lake Leake this morning but the lure of a sleep in,( on top of listening to recent President reports re /Four Springs fly fishing), had me change my mind.
So with that, I picked up fellow President John Dekkers at 9.30am and we were on our way.
We hadn't been on the water for very long when we noticed a couple of swirls near the boat, a quick cast in that direction saw my indicator fly sink, I struck ...and all hell broke loose!!!.

Four Springs Report Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Headed off to Four Springs today got there early afternoon perfect fly fishing weather.
I caught 2 browns on a dun I tied myself, one 4lb. and one 5lb. I couldn’t get Vic to fly fish, maybe tomorrow.
Vic got a 3lb. rainbow on a pumpkin seed. Staying tonight to have another go tomorrow.

Regards Presidents Vic and Rose

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Four Springs report 18th April 2010

Eddy and I went out this Sunday 18 April to Four Springs and it was well worth the trip.

Left home around 0620am and ran into thick fog from Esk Farm to the lake. On the water a little after 700am with low visibility due thick fog, which hung around until 1000am. It was calm, mild on the water and nothing rising. We cruised around for about 1 hour before we had a strike. Selwyn had a nice hefty rainbow on; after a few minutes it was in the net. A Tassie Devil 47 was the taker. Continued on and Sel soon had another one on; this time a brownie in top condition on a black and gold 4x with red spots.

Fishing Four Springs Lake

Todd Lambert
Early season
The new season is on us and with it comes the anticipation of another year's fishing. Will it be as good as last year - or maybe better?

Four Springs Lake

Joe Riley
The suns first rays are pushing through the tops of the gum trees and the water has a cold platinum sheen. Ducks paddle around feeding on midge in the water surface and  the odd Bennets wallaby makes it's way back to the tree line after feeding along the grassy shores over night. Twenty metres along the bank appears the tell tale sings of a fish, no trifling tail tip or slight dimple but the bulging of a big brown  as he pushes through the weed to grab a damsel nymph.

Four Springs Lake

There is no doubt Tasmania hosts the best fly-fishing in Australia, our Central Highlands Lakes are world renowned. For those who live in the North of the State there is another piece of water which gives the opportunity of a trophy size brown or rainbow trout, Four Springs Lake.
Situated 16 kilometres North of Hagley via Selbourne Rd (C735), Four Springs holds both brown and rainbow trout that regularly exceed 6 pounds in weight.

Four Springs - 25 year dream close to reality

by Tony Scott 

Most of the operation was all over in less than a minute but the smiles on the faces of three dedicated anglers showed no trace of anti-climax as more than 40,000 trout fry were freed into Four Springs Dam close to Launceston.

Four Springs Lake now filling

After more than twenty years of coming to fruition the Four Springs Lake is now filling with water. This promises to be a fabulous fishery, located 20 minutes or so west of Launceston. Jim Ferrier reports.

Four Springs

Four Springs is one of the very few, angler initiated, dedicated public fisheries.In fact I can't think of any other waters that were built by anglers, for anglers that are public. It is a great credit to those that put in the work and it is one of our best Tasmanian waters - especially in the early part of the season when the highlands can be so cold and uninviting.

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