Four Springs report 18th April 2010

Eddy and I went out this Sunday 18 April to Four Springs and it was well worth the trip.

Left home around 0620am and ran into thick fog from Esk Farm to the lake. On the water a little after 700am with low visibility due thick fog, which hung around until 1000am. It was calm, mild on the water and nothing rising. We cruised around for about 1 hour before we had a strike. Selwyn had a nice hefty rainbow on; after a few minutes it was in the net. A Tassie Devil 47 was the taker. Continued on and Sel soon had another one on; this time a brownie in top condition on a black and gold 4x with red spots.

I thought here we go again me along for the ride. But then my turn; a nice rainbow, a reasonable fight and another keeper. After a few laps around, the fog coming and going the sun occasionally spotted. A light taps on the lures and I had a hook up; a brownie, but a smaller one.

After the fog started to clear the fish went to the bottom and slowed down more; if that's possible. Eddy caught another rainbow and myself a further rainbow and a brown. The fish never had much in there gut only a few beetles and nymphs. All fish were a nice orange colour and fat. We left as the last of the fog lifted around 1030am.

There were six other boats on the water and some anglers on the disabled jetty. All in all a good fruitful morning.

Tight lines, Tom.
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