Yellow eye mullet

Common names; Sand mullet.

Greenish brown along back with brown fins. Silver or yellow on the belly and eye distinctly yellow.

The yellow-eyed mullet grows to around 40 cm and l kg. The less common sea mullet grows over 50 cm in length and 5 kg in weight

Mullet are commonly caught in nets, specifically mullet nets, but they may provide good rod and line sport when caught on light fishing gear with small hooks fished under a float.

Mullet can usually be found around beaches, estuaries, jetties and from the rocks adjacent to sandy areas.

The flesh of this species has one of the highest sources of the "good oil" omega three fatty acids.

To further improve the eating qualities of this fish it is highly recommended that the black stomach lining be removed prior to cooking as it will cause the flesh to become bitter.

Very common species in our waters often found near sandy areas, where they feed on small animals such as sandworms and small cockles. Sometimes large schools can be seen mouthing and tailing at the surface. This feeding behavior occurs where there is an abundance of plankton in the waters.