Hot Spots

There has been some terrific fishing on the far north west of Tasmania - especially around Smithton and Stanley.
The whole of the northern coast has been fishing well for larger than usual flathead as they move in to shore with warmer water.

An email about a very large bream from a northern river also excited me as the bream fishing season really get into gear across the north and on the east coast.
Snapper as well as being captured on the north west coast, Tamar River and off Bridport have been caught in Georges Bay at St Helens - not where you'd normally expect to find them. Also in Georges Bay is a good run of garfish and mixed in with the schools of salmon in the bay are quite a few tailor.
Good catches of calamari squid have been found on the east coast especially around the Coles Bay - Great Oyster Bay area.
Further south, Frederick Henry Bay has been the home to some big Australian salmon to over 3kg - mostly though fish to 2kg are more common. These can be caught from the beach with the most popular areas Seven Mile Beach, Clifton Beach and Cremorne.
I'll leave the next email from Rocky Carosi to speak for it self.     
Sunday 11 December
Marcus Douglas and the team from Mort Douglas have just completed an outstanding day's fishing aboard our charter vessel Adosinda ll at St. Helens. With sea surface temperature at present registering a staggering 18.6 degrees Celsius, almost unheard of for early December, the game fish have arrived in force off St. Helens. Thirty five albacore tuna up to 6 kilograms in weight were hooked today with many released unharmed. This all occurred in 3 hours of constant trolling action in moderate northwest winds and overcast skies. Included in this session was the capture of a 15 kilogram southern blue fin tuna by Roger McBain on a Shimano spinning outfit, a tremendous catch indeed and one I am sure Roger will remember for a long time.
After a torrid session on the tuna the crew suggested we go and catch a few striped trumpeter. I tried to explain that it wasn't that easy, but it was easier to just go and drop some lines. After all they were a bit sick of catching tuna. I don't get too many anglers per year that get sick of catching fish.
We stopped at a favorite spot of mine and caught not only some excellent striped trumpeter, but also some good sized silver morwong.
This was really one of the first serious game fishing charters of the year and the results were exceptional.  
This is more evidence that Tasmania's east coast waters are warming as each year passes which is great news for Tasmania's keen game fisherman.  The 2000/2001 St. Helens game fishing season has definitely started and is about 3-4 weeks earlier than normal, so don't miss your opportunity to sample some wonderful saltwater game fishing action at St. Helens.
Professional Charters is pleased to announce it has just purchased a 11 metre Randall designed Channel Craft to add to our current Shark Cat.
Rocky Carosi of Professional Charters, St. Helens. Phone 63763083.