King George whitingKing George whiting found in Georges Bay

I had a lovely Easter Saturday with victorian fly tier, Muz Wilson and his mate Shaun Ash from Queensland at St Helens. Whilst we were fishing for bream on fly it seemed they were few and far between. We did find an occasional bream, but they were spooky and uncooperative. So off we went in search of some silver trevally.

As we motored slowly past another angler anchored in the main channel Muz asked "What do your reckon he is fishing for?" I said "He'd have no idea', but at that moment his rod bent and he pulled a fish over the side. We were close enough to see what it was. "Looks like he knows something" Muz quipped, and together we said "that looks like a King George whiting'. It certainly was.

So we motored past a suitable distance and anchored over the same type of bottom. Muz got his fly going, but I thought he would not be able to get to the bottom, so I got out the soft plastic rig. A 6" Berkley camo sandworm is always good in Georges Bay and I thought it might do the trick. First cast I got a few bumps and second cast I was hooked up.

I wasn't very confident that I would get the rarely caught King George whiting, but that's what came up. A net was quickly produced and we had one in the boat. I can't tell you how excited I was to catch my first KG whiting. Shaun got in on the act with another soft plastic outfit and we landed eight before the bite and current slowed down.

Georges Bay guru, and charter operator, Michael Haley was called and he confirmed they were very rarely caught and in all his years his best had been two in one day.

So it now remains to be seen if we can unlock the code and catch them regularly.

Mike Stevens.