Lake Leake Report 15/11/2013

I decided to head to Lake Leake today with the mad Hungarian George Papp. We arrived around 10.30am, the lake was fairly calm and mostly sunny conditions throughout the afternoon. We mostly fished the Snowy and big timber shoreline, casting Dale Howard's Yep Red Nuts towards shore. The lake is full, water spilling over dam wall. I managed my third bag limit in a row - having a purple patch on this water at the moment. George bagged four nice fish as well. We got a mixture of browns and rainbows, with a few others lost at the boat

Fish were in superb condition and the best would have been pushing the 4lb mark.
Fish had been feeding on scud, stick caddis, snail and mudeyes.
We saw only four fish take off the top for the entire afternoon
There were a few duns popping up, gum beetles, heaps of stick caddis and caddis on the water, but the fish must be content with tucker on the bottom. George had a go with the fly for a while, but didnt get a look.