Lake Leake Report – 11/8/2013

Hi everyone, Mick took Connor and me around to the Northern side of the lake for a fish (Snake Rock). He lent Connor and me a set of waders as we are saving up to buy our own.
When we got to our destination, we chucked on the waders, and I grabbed my fly rod out of the back, and Connor went for his spinning rod, and Mick got his Fly rod.

 I was fishing for around 20 minutes and hooked up this little brownie. It’s my first trout for the season, first brown on my fly rod, and my fish on a wet fly. Connor came running over (as he does) and checked the fish out, and goes “Ha Ha, my rainbow was bigger”.
A week later and he’s still bragging about his fish! We took a few pictures quickly, and let the little tacker go for another day.
We fished till dark getting a few touches but no more hook ups… There were heaps of midge eggs along the shore, thousands of them!

Thanks once again Mick for taking us around there.
Samuel Evans