Great Lake Report 4/8/2012

I went up To Great Lake on Friday night to catch up with a few mates and to get ready for an early morning mission on the trout, opening morning. We had 12 guys staying at the shack we rented... and 5 boats in tow.
Most of us made it out onto the water around 7am and myself and a mate (Pat), headed around the shore lines of Becketts and Todds corner.
We fished mainly hard bodies for the first few hours of the day, using Cultiva minnows and Jackal colt minnows in black and gold colours.

Fishing was a tad slow early on the windswept shores and we found it hard to keep fishing these without the foot pedal for the electric motor. We then moved off into some calmer water and still managed to set the hooks into a few.
Made the move to a windswept shore up towards Elizabeth bay and started to fish plastics off the shore in 4-5 metres of water. It was then that the fish started to roll in over the gunnels!
Called it a day late in the afternoon with the tally just over 40 for the day.
All were browns except for 3 rainbows and most of the fish could do with a good feed.
That being said, water temp of 2.8 degrees would be enough to put you off your tucker!
Rainbows in slightly better nick and we scored a nice fat maiden fish out of Swan bay on the way back to the ramp.
Was good to be out and catching a few, we didn’t keep any this trip so hopefully they stack on some condition as the weather warms up later in the season and we can catch them again.

Cheers Wally