Great Lake 1/6/2012

We planned a trip at the start of the week with Marcus to head to Great Lake as he has been pretty keen to head up and chase a few on Hardbodies. He made the journey up from Smithton and we met up at Deloraine at around 6am, I was running a bit late as I was messing around at the Westbury shop getting supplies. But anyway, we made our way up the Tier and around to Swan Bay. Conditions looked superb from the warm vehicle on the way around, but we soon got a bit of a shock when we jumped out of the bus at the ramp! I think the big fella threw on more pants, jumpers, beanies and buffs before I could even find my "head sock'!

Anyways, We nipped over to the Island and begun our fishing from here. We soon had 3 quick ones on the board and missed a couple in the process. Once we worked this area I decided to head for the deep weed-bed in Becketts to fish some plastics. I mentioned to Marcus as he was up the pointy end of the boat to put the odd cast into the shore and slow roll it back out. I noticed after a few minutes he still hadn't, so I nicely reminded him to do so and first cast he had a fish hit his SP 3 times but couldn't sink the hooks in.... I think on the 3rd strike the fish got stretched a good 12" from the big fella's hardcore hook setting! I near fell out of the boat from laughter!! :lol:  :lol:

We had very little love on the "rubber" and then switched back to HB's as we hit the bottom end of Becketts. I put another 5 quick ones in the boat and got the question thrown at me of "what am I doing wrong, I just can't land a fish!" I said put a Black & Gold Sniper on and just keep casting mate. He then soon broke his duck and had 2 on the board! He was away now, so we had some brekky of his sensational home-made sausage rolls and relish and washed it down with a nice hot coffee and Anzac biscuit..... Gee he spoils me! :D

3 dozen sausage rolls later, I took him around to a spot I call "The Trout Highway" and she was on! I said to him, "if your rear trebles arn't hitting the rocks on the shore along here when you cast, your not in there enough" so he's pegged his lure in towards a big boulder where he said there would be a fish and sure enough there was. Next cast he's in on the other side of the boulder as I gave his cast the Dennis Cometti commentary of "millimetre perfect" and he was on again.... "Come on Daz, what are ya doing, I'm catching ya" he chortled, I said "I'm just fishing my shallow diver in 8metres of water mate to let you catch up a bit" :lol: We was having a ball! :D

We continued fishing this shore smacking a few up until Midday and then snuck into Tods corner for a look. It was very quiet in there until I scared the crap out of the big unit when I yelled out "shite the bed, did you see the size of that!" An absolute tank of a Brown followed me right to the boat, but ran out of water and couldn't get a hook-up! #-o

We called back into where we started the day and pulled a couple more, but they seemed to have shut down after midday, as it became pretty tough going. We pulled the pin at 23 for the session and made our way back down the mountain.

It was great to see some better quality fish come aboard compared to my recent trip and a couple of younger plump Browns and "Bows was a good sign I thought....

Thanks heaps again for driving up mate. It was an awesome day with some great fishing and heaps of laughs on and off the water.... My ribs are still sore from the drive home. SHREK!! :lol:  :lol: