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Geelong Star Whale Shark scandal deepens, Thursday 25 February

The Stop the Trawler Alliance today expressed disgust at learning the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) have withheld important information from the Australian public about the controversial Geelong Star incident where a whale shark was caught.

Whale shark escapes nets of Geelong Star factory ship without harm, authorities say

From the ABC

Geelong StarTrawler Geelong Star kills 'small number' of fur seals during fishing trip off NSW

From the ABC


Greens Senator wants Geelong Star sent home following albatross deaths

As reported in The Advocate

Geelong Star

THE Geelong Star has been banned from fishing again, after it killed an albatross.

Source: http://www.examiner.com.au/story/3695374/geelong-star-kills-an-albatross/?cs=95

Can you believe this crap?

Mike, I hope you had a fun, restful break and got to enjoy some time with family and friends on our beautiful coast. From around Australia we've had reports of exciting fishing adventures, diving with turtles and surfing with dolphins. How lucky are we?!

Unfortunately – fishers and ocean lovers off the NSW Sapphire Coast are less lucky right now – because the Super TrawlerGeelong Star is vacuuming up marine life right in their backyard. Check out the photos below. Fancy fishing right next to the Super Trawler? 

AFMA Continues to Shield Super Trawler From Community Consultation

Conservation and recreational fishing groups are outraged by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority’s latest ploy to shield the Small Pelagic Fishery, in which the super trawler Geelong Star operates, from genuine community consultation, by holding a three-week public consultation period over the Christmas holidays.

Geelong Star Operators Renege On Talk Outcomes

The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF), the peak national body representing Australia’s recreational fishing community has expressed disappointment and concern that the Geelong Star operators have not heeded advice from ARFF or honoured undertakings made at a meeting with the Government, Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), ARFF and the vessel operators before Christmas.

Tasmania and Southern Australia to suffer even more from Super Trawler

The Stop the Trawler Alliance is alarmed that the Small Pelagic Fishing Industry Association is pushing the super trawler into southern Australia and claiming that they are reducing impacts on recreational fishers and marine life.

“The Industry decision to pause use of the super trawler in Zone 7 in northern NSW is designed purely to silence MP Bob Baldwin before the Federal Election without having an impact on their fishing operations. There has been community outrage and local MP Bob Baldwin has done the right thing and responded to this, however the industry doesn’t have a permit from the NSW Government for super trawlers to fish there anyway,” said Nobby Clark of Game Fish Tasmania Sports Fishing Club.

Fishing and conservation delegation deliver petition to Coalition
Turnbull Government Handed Opportunity on Super Trawler

Tuesday 10 November

A delegation of recreational fishers and conservationists from the Stop the Trawler Alliance today delivered over 14,000 new petitioners’ names to Government MP Sarah Henderson, calling for a permanent ban on super trawlers in Australia’s Small Pelagic Fishery, bringing the total petition to 230,000 concerned citizens.

“The Geelong Star has demonstrated that factory freezer trawlers cannot economically fish under management conditions that reduce impacts and community concerns to anywhere near acceptable levels. The Turnbull Government has inherited a lemon with super trawlers, but there is now an opportunity to respond to the overwhelming public call for a ban on factory trawlers in the Small Pelagic Fishery,” said Rebecca Hubbard of Environment Tasmania.

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