coastal-catches-2015-01-29Coastal Catches 29/1/2015

Well that’s the Australia day weekend gone for another year and by all reports there was a fair bit of fishing done even though the wind did its best to hamper everyone’s efforts. Hopefully it will settle and allow for some serious fishing.
Fishing in the highlands has been tough, mainly due to the weather, but there are a few places that are worth having a go at.

Coastal Catches 18/12/2014

With only a week to go Christmas is looming very quickly. There should be quite a few new anglers out on the water judging by the number of junior combos we are selling. If you are heading out for a fish at Christmas please do it safely as no fish is worth your life or serious injury.
I was fortunate to spend some time fishing with Paul Worstling last week. He was in the North West of the state to film some footage for the next season of IFish. Paul was blown away by the quality of fishing we have here and I know he will be back to check out some more. We fished in the Smithton area and caught and released some big Flathead and King George Whiting and had a brilliant day out.

coastal-catches-2014-12-05Coastal Catches 4/12/2014

Judging by some of the chatter in the shop this week if seems that there was a lot of fishing being done last weekend. It’s a great thing that if you want to go fishing in Tasmania it is accessible to everyone. If you want to catch a trout there is a small cost involved in getting a licence and if you want to throw a line in the sea it’s free. All you need is some gear and you can fish as often as you like with little or no cost. The reward for this pastime is fresh fish for tea and it always tastes better when you catch it yourself.
There are a few reports filtering in from Arthurs lake that are encouraging. The fish are in good condition and one angler reported a mix of fish from 4lbs to 1.5lb footballs. There are some dun hatches occurring in the cowpadock area and these will increase as we move towards Christmas. Duns are also hatching at Penstock Lagoon and Little Pine Lagoon.

coastal-catches-2014-11-27Costal catches 27/11/2014

The wind is continuing to blow and it’s a recurring topic of conversation in the shop. There have been some opportunities to go fishing particularly in the early morning and those people taking advantage have been catching fish.

If you are heading up to the lakes to go fishing there is a very useful initiative for you to check out from Anglers alliance. They have installed web cameras at the following waters: Great Lake, Arthurs Lake, Penstock Lagoon, Lake Burbury, Little Pine Lagoon, lake Augusta, Brumbys Creek and Four Springs. The web address to go to is You are able to see what the weather conditions are like from the start of the day through to the time you look at the site.

coastal-catches-2014-11-20-headCostal Catches 20/11/2014

There is plenty happening in the world of fishing at the moment. The lake Burbury Fishing competition is on again this weekend and it is sure to attract a good number of anglers from around the state. The rivers are well worth a look and trout are starting to feed off the top. With the weather looking reasonable for the weekend I am sure there will be anglers out trying to catch Squid, Flathead and Gummy Shark.

If you are keen to have a fish in one of the coastal rivers the Inglis, Leven or Mersey are three of the main destinations. You can also grab an angler’s access brochure from a tackle store, for the Mersey and Leven rivers to help decide where to go. Small floating bibbed lures, blade lures such as celtas and soft plastics are all lures that will catch fish. Fly fishers should try flies such as Royal Wulfs, Red Tags and Adams patterns. There are plenty of alternatives.

coastal-catches-2014-10-02-bCoastal Catches 2/10/2014

There are a lot of anglers from the Burnie area looking forward to this weekend as it is the Burnie Show holiday on Friday and many use it as a start of their fishing up in the highlands. The weather can be changeable but it is generally when things start to get a bit warmer and Trout fishing starts to fire.

The road from Lake Augusta to the nineteen lagoons area is now open so there is easy access to the area. It’s one of the premium Trout fishing locations in the state and I expect there will be a few folk from Burnie there on Friday. The IFS have advised that to road is better condition than the past few years and they have requested that anglers stick to the speed limit to keep the road in good condition.

coastal-catches-2014-0-25-hannah -ledgerCoastal Catches 25/9/2014

Some of the weather that we are getting lately is almost unbelievable with relatively calm days and very little rain. It seems there are a lot of anglers taking advantage of the conditions and wetting a line. 
I was down at Sisters Beach on Sunday and the target for the morning was Calamari Squid. We got onto a few good ones and I have been experimenting with a method that I was told about a while ago and it has been fairly successful. It basically involves hanging a squid jig under a polystyrene float and using a small silicone rubber float stopper to set the depth. The advantage of this is you can set the depth so your squid jig is just above the bottom which leaves it in the strike zone and it also results in less jigs being lost. It worked for us and it is a method I will persevere with.

Coastal Catches 12/6/2014

I had a call late last week from a commercial fisherman who was out off Marrawah and saw some huge schools of Bluefin Tuna. He said he had never seen them in the area in those numbers in all his years of fishing. A few fisho’s headed to the far North West over the weekend and reported one boat caught 10 and another 4. This is great news and we hope they continue turning up every year.

Coastal Catches 5/6/2014

I mentioned that the West Coast was the place to be last weekend and the prophecy turned out to be correct. There have been numerous reports of good catches of Stripy Trumpeter and there were also some Bluefin Tuna caught just out from Strahan. It’s good to see them there, as it is a much shorter drive to the West Coast than to Eaglehawk Neck. There are however less opportunities due to the Wild West coast weather. If the weather allows it would be well worth a look.

Coastal Catches 29/5/2014

I had the weekend off and decided to go for a fish at St Helens. Saturday was reasonable so we decided to head out to the shelf to see if we could catch some Stripy Trumpeter and Blue Eye Trevalla out at the shelf. Well that idea was quashed when I discovered that I had left the power leads for the electric reels in the car. The conditions were far from ideal for bottom fishing so we decided to have a troll to see if there were any Tuna about and were pleasantly surprised. There were some good sized Albacore caught and we ended up having a brilliant day.

Coastal Catches 22/05/2014

A couple of my staff members headed south on the weekend to Eaglehawk neck to try to catch Bluefin Tuna and by all accounts their mission was very successful. It’s a wonder that there were any people left on the North West Coast as there were a heap’s of coasters down there. They both said the camaraderie of the fisho’s that were down there was exceptional and there was plenty of good natured banter on the radio. 
Friday and Saturday were the best fishing days and they were days when there was a reasonable amount of chop on the water. The weather improved for Sunday and the fish were few and far between.

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