Coastal Catches 22/05/2014

A couple of my staff members headed south on the weekend to Eaglehawk neck to try to catch Bluefin Tuna and by all accounts their mission was very successful. It’s a wonder that there were any people left on the North West Coast as there were a heap’s of coasters down there. They both said the camaraderie of the fisho’s that were down there was exceptional and there was plenty of good natured banter on the radio. 
Friday and Saturday were the best fishing days and they were days when there was a reasonable amount of chop on the water. The weather improved for Sunday and the fish were few and far between.

Coastal Catches 15/5/2014

Bluefin Tuna are still being caught at Eaglehawk Neck and there are plenty of North West fisho’s heading down this weekend. The weather seems to be playing a part in how good the fishing is with a few more fish being caught on the rougher days. Smaller skirts such as Meridian Demon are working well as are deep diving bibbed lures. 

Coastal Catches 18/4/2013

The next two weeks are the last hurrah for the Brown Trout season and many anglers organise a “last trip” of the season in this time. The Great Lake is well worth a try as there has been some really nice fish caught recently. The Great Lake has plenty of Rainbow Trout and if you are lucky enough to catch one, they normally put on a spectacular show leaping out of the water in their quest to escape. Swan Bay is a good spot in the evening if you strip a large wet fly or a dark spinner.

Coastal Catches 11/4/2013

There has been some fantastic fishing around the traps over the last week. Last Friday we got word that there were some more Bluefin Tuna caught out off Strahan. Sunday was looking good so I got a crew together and headed down the West Coast. We were not disappointed. The weather was good and before long we had a Bluefin on board.  We looked for birds working as they are usually a good indicator of where the fish are. The big surprise for the day was an Albacore Tuna over 20 kg. We finished with three Bluefin and one Albacore.

Coastal Catches 28/3/2013

The weather was very unkind to those fishing in the Pirtek Fishing Challenge last Sunday and conditions were nothing short of atrocious. The results will be announced on Saturday and we are all hoping that anglers from the North West Coast are among the prizes.
There is some good news coming out of the Eaglehawk Neck area because there were a few Bluefin caught last weekend including a 127kg Jumbo sized one. Everyone has their fingers crossed that it is going to be a good season and there will be plenty of fish about.

Coastal Catches 8/2/2013

I was interested to read that the IFS are going to be doing some electro fishing surveys in some of our rivers. There has been quite a bit of talk recently with regard to the number of cormorants that are around and their possible effect on fish numbers. Anecdotally, rivers that have been prolific producers of trout in the past have in recent months produced low catch rates. The IFS will electro fish the River Leven, Tyenna, Russell, Mersey, St Patricks and Meander rivers to ascertain the density of trout and the spread of size classes. The methods used will allow comparison of previous results from surveys conducted in the 1990's, 1980's and 1970's. The report will be released about March this year and should make interesting reading.

Coastal Catches 1/2/2013

I had a trip down to St. Helens on the long weekend and the wind that has been blowing from the west followed me down there and blew from the east. We did get a good days fishing out on the shelf on Monday and managed to find a few Gemfish.


Coastal Catches 17/1/2013

Recently, the Advocate reported that a Butterfly Mackerel had been caught out off the mouth of the Mersey river. This fish is an uncommon catch in Tasmanian waters and continues the trend of uncommon fish turning up in our waters. If you catch an unusual fish and you are not sure what it is there is a great online resource called Redmap. Redmap, a new and interactive website, invites the Australian community to spot, log and map marine species that are uncommon in Australia, or along particular parts of our coast. It has pictures and information on Australian fish species and if you do catch something unusual then you can report where you caught it and this in turn will assist scientists by providing them with information on changing fish distribution. Have a look at .

Coastal Catches 13/11/2012

Life is very busy at the moment and unfortunately there is not much time for us to go fishing due to the demands of the retail world. There are plenty of customers coming in with tales of fishing trips and offers to go fishing with them. I am sure it’s just their way of rubbing it in.
We have had some positive reports regarding the western lakes in that there has already been some reasonable mayfly activity and some of the fish that have been caught have been in very good condition. Things are looking good as we move further into summer.

Coastal Catches 23/11/2012.

I had another trip out off Burnie (Behind the green tree) on Sunday with a mate and we found some good Flathead in about 40m of water. There were plenty of them and were some very big ones in the mix. We are so lucky to have quality fish to catch on our doorstep. I am sure the same could be done all along the coast. It’s just a matter of figuring out where the fish are.

Coastal Catches 15/11/2012

Lake Kara has been a popular destination over the last week as the Inland Fisheries service released 540 Atlantic salmon. Lake Rosebery also received 540. The Salmon were donated by Springfield fisheries and I am sure that the many anglers who take the opportunity to catch these fish would like to thank them. The bag limit on both lakes has not been reduced however the IFS is urging anglers to limit their catch so that everyone can have a share of these fish.

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