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Four Springs Kayak Report

Have attached some pics Friday afternoons kayak session with a mate at Four Springs.
Tried the trusty old black/gold t tail and also the powerbait 3" minnow in pearl olive for the first hour or so with no luck. Thought I might give the gold/black Hawk Chunk a run and whoompa....healthy 4lb rainbow to open the account;

this thing went off, jumping several times on top of 5 or 6 blistering runs!! Biggest freshwater fish I have caught to date was a 5kg Atlantic from Barrington and this Rainbow would have pulled him backwards! Caught 1 other around half the size and my mate Rob nailed one around the 3 & 1/2lb mark which also made a good account of itself.
The fish seemed to like the lures fished with a slow roll...the chunks were great for this, just the drift of the kayak was enough to get these lures working.
Was a great way to start the weekend! Must get out there again soon!
Matt Sherriff