Lake Augusta 30/12/2012

I had grand plans to get up at 4am this morning and fish the wind lanes at Lake Leake. I must be getting soft,... as I chose "'Plan B.'" Plan B” was to sleep in and head to Lake Augusta at around 9am...a much more civilized option. As I was heading up, I passed Johnny Dekkers coming down the hill; he was on his way home from Penstock where he managed a couple of quality fish.

Lake Augusta 28/10/2012

Given  today’s the fantastic weather forecast, Mark Tapsell and I decided to head up to Lake Augusta for a couple of hours. Leaving home at 5.30am, we arrived to blue skies and a mirror- like water. We proceeded to cook up a quick egg n bacon roll and brewed a coffee before heading out. Once on the water, we weren’t there long and we had a couple of nice trout in the boat, both caught on orange bead head nymphs hung 2 feet under a dry.

Lake Augusta West 13/3/2012

Hi all, we fished Lake Augusta West today with Bailey and Jack Shennan, on our way home from Lake King William. There was a S.W wind blowing about 15 to 20 knots with sunny periods. We caught 13 fat trout, one being a rainbow which Jack landed.

Lake Augusta 22/12/2011

Oh what a day! Arrived at Lake Augusta at 8 am this morning to find the most perfect conditions a bloke could ask for on his Christmas “wind down”. Over the space of the morning I managed to net 19 fish wading the shore, all in lovely condition.
All were browns, not a rainbow to be seen.

Lake Augusta

with Craig Rist

Lake Augusta is part of the Nineteen Lagoons area in the Western Lakes. Access to these lakes is via the Liawenee Canal road on the western shore of Great Lake.  
Lake Augusta is used by the hydro to catch and redirect the water draining from the Western Lakes down the Liawenee Canal to fill the Great Lake.

Lake Augusta - an underfished gem

Joe Riley
At the entrance to the Nineteen Lagoons, behind a Hydro Tasmania build rock dam wall lies one of the most versatile fisheries in the Central Highlands, Augusta Dam. This water was created by Hydro Tasmania in 1953 as a means to control the flow of water into Liawenee Canal, by building a large rock wall, and a smaller concrete levee West of the dam.

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