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Tasmanian kayak fishing

by Nick Gust
Kayak-fishing is rapidly gaining popularity
around Australia. With appropriate equipment,
experience and favourable weather Tasmania holds
many diverse and exciting opportunities for kayak
fishing. Taswegians are getting in on the act with the
first kayak-fishing tournament held at Scamander
earlier this year. (see issue 85 for details).

Hobie Mirage Revolution Fish

Courtesy of IFS

Lately I have been thinking about the benefits of the Hobie MirageDrive and having your hands free for fishing. For those not in the know, the MirageDrive is a pedal driven method of propelling a kayak. Hobie calls it a "Revolutionary new propulsion system", and I must admit it certainly is an impressive system. The two blades look like the wings on a penguin. There is a good reason for this too.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

Craig Vertigan

I'm going to attempt to be as objective as possible when reviewing this kayak. I own one myself and love it to bits. But like all anglers I'm always on the lookout for the perfect bit of tackle, whether it be the perfect bream rod and spinning reel, the perfect five weight fly rod, the perfect fly reel to match, or as a kayak fisherman I am of course always looking for the perfect kayak for fishing from. I wouldn't say the Prowler is the perfect fishing kayak, but it is one that will perfectly fill the needs of many kayak anglers.

Yak Fishing Kit - What to stow when you go

John Pollard
In April-May (Issue 79) we covered what to wear on your body while on your Yak, this issue we will look at what else you may need or want out on the water with you. As previously mentioned we have very changeable and sometimes diabolical weather conditions, so what you take out with you on your yak takes some planning, consideration of your yak's storage capacity and good common sense.

Bream from a kayak

Craig Vertigan loves chasing all sorts from his "yak, but one of his favourites is Tassie's bream. Take some tips from him, get your "yak and go looking.