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How to catch trout when you are not allowed to use bait

by Greg French

In the last round of changes to our trout fishing regulations (1997-1998) restrictions were tabled which further limit both where we can fish with bait and what bait we can use. The reasons for these changes to the law are complex and I will discuss them as we go along.

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Salmon for Christmas anyone?

by Sarah Graham IFS
Saltas Atlantic salmon - being set free at Craigbourne Dam

Saltas recently donated 450 Atlantic salmon with an average weight of 3 kg to the Inland Fisheries Service. These trophy salmon were stocked into Lake Meadowbank (150) and Craigbourne Dam (300) on Monday 13 December, just in time for Christmas.

Saltas produces smolts for the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon farming industry from its hatcheries on the Derwent and Florentine rivers at Wayatinah. The company also regularly provides surplus and brood stock to the University of Tasmania for research and development, and to the Service for stocking into public waters. This collaboration between the Service and the Tasmanian aquaculture industry has a direct benefit to recreational anglers.

Why not capitalise on this opportunity and go fishing at Craigbourne Dam or Lake Meadowbank to catch one of these exceptional trophy salmon for Christmas?

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