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Early season - Bob McKinley

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013
Bob is a professional fishing guide and guides for trout and estuary species. Check him out at

There are several things we look for in our early season trout waters. It is still winter and cold, so some of the things to consider are: Altitude as this dictates the water temperature and therefore feeding activity. Food for the fish. Availability of trout food is generally dictated by the quantity and quality of weed beds.

Quantity of fish.

Three waters which I believe fit all three requirements are:

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Brumbies Creek Report

Caught this 9.5lbs brown trout 2 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon when i decided to fishing for an hour with my wife and two year old son to my favourite spot on Brumbies Creek, Cressy. Spotted the fish on the other side of the creek sitting in a deeper hole just out of the current,

thought it may have been a log of wood in the water or a dark long rock until i put my soft plastic in front of him and seen him turn and chase it.He was swiping at the tail of the plastic all the way in until i seen him chase one last time and open his massive mouth  and take my lure, he would have been no more than four metres from me when he took it and charged away. My reel was screaming with line pouring off it the quickest I've ever seen i go before, after about 20 minutes of heart racing action I finally had him on the bank. Trout was caught with 4lbs line and 3"berkley pearl/olive minnow.
 Cheers Adam

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