New 12 Volt SMD Flounder light test promotional You Tube clip

Link below to You tube promotional clip
Dear Valued Customer,
We have pleasure advising that we have fully tested our new 12 Volt SMD-LED Flounder/Prawn Light and we can now confidently say it is a performer.
It is actually around twice as bright as our bestselling C Size battery model.

A real feature of this light is that it operates at very low temperature which avoids the costly blown globe issue that does happen as normal lights are dipped in and out of the water.
The other feature and benefit is it’s very low operating drain on battery power ensuring prolonged use on small portable batteries.
We do now have back up stock limited quantities till new shipment arrive around February next year.
This clip will be posted on all Tassie fishing forums, hence you can expect some consumers knocking on your doors soon to purchase.
With kind regards,
Richard Sherriff
Managing Director

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