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Autumn Tips and Tricks

It can be the best of times; it can be the worst of times. Autumn, that is. The last months of the trout fishing season can be as good as any other, particularly if the beetles and jassids make an appearance in numbers, or if the mayfly dribble on into the gloaming of the season.  However if the winter rains come early, and the snow and sleet crash the party, it can be incredibly miserable as well. But perhaps the best saving grace for this time of year is that the water is still warm enough to get things moving insect wise, the trout still remember how to look up for food, and the bigger trout are getting very aggressive prior to spawning. By mixing up a variety of techniques over the days fishing, success can be almost assured. Almost!

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Pieman River 2nd / 3rd October 2010

Hi all, we had 2 fantastic days of perfect weather on the Pieman river, no whitebait in the river yet so we didn’t even spot a sea runner splash.

We did manage to get  35 browns and rainbows.

We were getting hits every few casts, a “stinger hook” in the plastic would have been very handy.

We were casting into the very fast flowing water, a couple of winds then bang!!

The fish were mostly caught on a 3 inch “salt n pepper” with a very heavy jig head.

Also a “black n gold “Ashley.

We travelled 120 km on the river.... can’t wait to go again .

4 hours of easy driving from home to Corrina.... beautiful accommodation.

President Dale
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