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Dam Wall Fishing

I said to the missus the other day "I'm going dam fishing", she said " you can either rephrase that statement or you can please your damn well self". I rephrased it, after all the work done during the off season building up brownie points I couldn't afford to blow it.

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Tyenna River 23/9/2012

Another day at the Tyenna had me land this 10.5lb solid buck brown..
Just a short stroll from the main Derwent River itself, a quiet little spot had me hooked straight away as I stood looking through the thick scrub at two very nice fish from what I could make out two very nice size females est 5-8lb.

As that proved to hard to even throw a line a frustrated walk along a bit further I found a spot still a bit overgrown but fishable, and it wasn't long before i was casting at yet another nice female fish. Around five or six casts at the fish in which the fish was not even the slightest bit interested, was when I just brought the lure back past the fish again and out of nowhere bang I was on but not the fish i was casting at but a solid buck brown. It wasnt a long battle but it wasn't the easiest as the fish wasn't giving up dertermend to get out into the faster flowing current of the river a few slight grabs of the reel to try and hold the fish just proved enough to turn the fish and for a clean net. A  quick weigh of the fish (10.5lb) and a handfull of photos had this buck well on his way. Well to the taxidermist anyhow.
Cheers, Daniel.

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