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Silver trevally from the shore

Jamie Henderson

I am sure you have all read a few articles and reports on how BIG the silver trevally are on the East Coast and how good the fishery is these days, hell I have even done a couple myself, but for the most part they are based more on fishing from a boat around Georges Bay and being able to find schools of fish and target them specifically. Owning a boat these days is quite often low on the list of priorities for the family man with many other commitments. So being able to maximise your shore fishing opportunities and make the most of your feet is as important as the tackle you use to do it with. Now just because you don’t own a boat it doesn’t mean you can’t catch some quality silver trevally and St Helens is the perfect area to base yourself from. The following article and photo’s will prove beyond a reasonable doubt the fish caught shore bashing are everywhere as big and hard fighting as those caught from a boat and can offer the wandering angler some of the best light tackle sport fishing this state has to offer.
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North West Bay River 31st August 2011

Just thought I'd send you a story from the North West Bay River as my guess is you haven't had one before. A few of us fish the river on a regular basis as it is only minutes from where we live and work.
It is unusual not to catch a fish but the size is generally less than 1lb. In saying that we have landed quite a few fish round the 2 - 3lb mark ( mostly searunners ) and the odd Atlantic Salmon.

We find the best times to fish the river are when it is on the up before flood or as it decreases after flood. There is a deep hole just below the main rd bridge that seems to always hold fish and you quite often see the bigger fish in this pool.
Up river runs through private land which we are lucky enough to have access to. There are sections of the river that we sometimes go to to get a quick fix when we haven't been able to get amongst it for a while as we know that we will land a fish or two from these spots.
We find the good old green and gold celta or a t-tail works well up river. Below the main road bridge either a rapala in the deep hole or even a pink and silver tassie devil around the mouth of the river can see a reward for what can be a fair bit of effort at times.
Any way I guess the moral of the story is some of the places we drive past every day could hold a few suprises if you give it a go.

Cheers - Jason Crane (photos of Daniel Holmes)

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