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Trout tips - from tackle shops

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013

We did a bit of a runaround Tasmania’s tackle stores to see what their tips for the first month or so of the tackle season were. We asked what the top three places to fish were, plus lures, flies, baits and a few other things.
Here is a rundown on their answers Whenever, and wherever you fish - anywhere, or for any fish in the world - ask the locals and especially ask at the local tackle store. They know what was caught today, yesterday and on what.

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Issue 112 October / November 2014 

On sale in Tackle shops now - in Newsagents Thursday 9 October.
Contents include how Mike and Todd caught three fish in Lake Crescent that weighed 30 pounds, plus heaps more as below.

  • Lake Crescent — Mike Stevens
  • Redfin Perch - pest or sportfish? — Michal Rybka
  • Georges Bay — Jamie Henderson
  • Saltwater in Spring — Matt Byrne
  • October Highlands Action — Joe Riley
  • Calamari — Todd Lambert
  • Indicator Nymphing — Peter Broomhall
  • Angling Art - with Hannah Ledger
  • Jan’s Flies — Jan Spencer
  • Tailing Trout on Dry Flies — Craig Rist
  • Burnie and Surrounds — Daniel Paull
  • New Products
  • Tasmanian Trout Classic — Justin Causby
  • Marine Fishing News
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