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The Forgotten Double Taper
Andy Puyans

Although I have fished extensively for most fresh and salt water species with a fly, I keep going back to the Trout as the perfect fly rod species.  Trout challenge us by their natural wariness, while feeding on an ever-changing menu of aquatic and land born insects, together with other water born yummies from baitfish to leeches.

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North Esk River 17/8/2012

As soon as school finished, Bailey & I had a look at the Upper Nth.Esk River this afternoon. The river was still running clear despite all the rain, we found the fishing a bit hard. We managed five brownies up to around 2lb, all caught on black n gold t.tails. We dropped a couple as well.

Bailey tried hardbodys but didn’t do any good with them, so he switched to plastics and got one straight away. He also managed to catch a black duck in the paddock on the way back to the car, sure was a sight! Bailey chasing the duck through the paddock, he’s quick!
The duck had an injured wing, due to shooters in the duck season no doubt.
Anyway all fish “and the duck” were released unharmed.


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