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Early season - Bob McKinley

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013
Bob is a professional fishing guide and guides for trout and estuary species. Check him out at

There are several things we look for in our early season trout waters. It is still winter and cold, so some of the things to consider are: Altitude as this dictates the water temperature and therefore feeding activity. Food for the fish. Availability of trout food is generally dictated by the quantity and quality of weed beds.

Quantity of fish.

Three waters which I believe fit all three requirements are:

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South Esk Report 13/11/2011

Bailey and I fished the Sth.Esk river for a couple of hours this afternoon, we were supposed to have a fish with Dale and Trev today, but looking at last night’s weather forecast for state-wide rain, I canned it for Bailey and myself.

After I staying home doing chores, but seeing no rain, I said to Bailey “we will go and have a look at our favourite spot on the Sth.Esk later this arvo.” We caught 12 nice brownies from 1lb to nearly 2lb, releasing all.
They were caught on softies and hardbody’s.
The river level has dropped a lot since last time so we were able to wade a lot more.
Bloody forecast is always out of whack!!
I reckon Dale and Trev also went for a fish somewhere.

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