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West Coast sea trout

by Greg French

Sea trout are simply brown trout which spend time in the ocean. In spring they follow huge schools of whitebait into the estuaries and lower freshwater reaches of most of the state's rivers and creeks. Some of the best action is conveniently close to Tasmania's major population centres. Hobart has the mighty Derwent as well as the southern rivers (including the Huon, Lune and Esperance). Launceston anglers have the Tamar, North Esk and Great Forester. While on the north west coast there are a number of superb fisheries, including the Mersey, Leven, Forth, Black, Detention, Inglis and Duck.

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Suzuki's Fuel-Efficient, High Performance, New Generation DF40A/DF50A

15th February 2010
Suzuki today announced the launch of two new fuel-efficient and high performance four stroke outboard motors – the new generation DF40A and DF50A.





The new models were unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show and boast a host of technical features that combine to give them increased fuel efficiency and performance, while weighing less and fitting more compactly on the transom – all of which are qualities that today’s boaters are demanding.

Starting is a breeze, with Suzuki’s Easy Start System. Turn the key once and the engine automatically turns over, coming to life at your command. Once underway, Suzuki’s advanced Lean Burn Control technology takes full advantage of sensors monitoring engine performance and ambient environmental conditions. Using this input, the Lean Burn Control accurately predicts engine needs to provide the fuel injection system with just the right mixture of air and fuel, delivering optimal fuel efficiency.  

Initial tests have shown that these two new generation outboards use 23% less fuel than the current 40 and 50 models, mainly in the cruising range, which is where the engine is used for the majority of the time.  

Both of these new outboards are based on the Suzuki’s proven in-line three-cylinder dual overhead cam (DOHC) 12-valve engine with a highly efficient air intake system, which comes into effect in the high RPM range. With 941 cm3 of displacement, multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection, these engines respond quickly and confidently to every move of the throttle, particularly when accelerating from cruising speeds. All of this technology combines to provide quiet and efficient operation as well as exhilarating performance. For example, the Suzuki engineers are pleased to report that the new DF50 is 6% faster in their top speed and 26% quicker in acceleration than the current Suzuki models.

When designing these new engines, Suzuki’s engineers also paid close attention to durability. Internal oil flow is more efficient, keeping moving parts better lubricated while using less energy. These new engines also feature Suzuki’s maintenance-free oil-bathed timing chain, which will give boaters years of dependable service. This is the first time this feature has ever been offered in the 40 and 50 horsepower class.  

The compact size and light weight of the new DF40 and DF50 make them an ideal power match for a wide variety of boats, including; FRP pleasure boats, fishing boats, small RIBs and aluminium boats. In particular these new outboards will be ideal for entry level boating.  

According to Greg Haines, of Haines Suzuki Marine, “Suzuki are always moving forward and continuing to develop our product range to meet the needs of our customers. With these two new models Suzuki is bringing serious advantages in fuel-efficiency and performance to a key sector of the Australian and New Zealand boating market.”

The new engines should reach Australian and New Zealand shores around August 2010.


Suzuki DF40A



Suzuki DF50A



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