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Trout tips - from tackle shops

Presented from Issue 105, August 2013

We did a bit of a runaround Tasmania’s tackle stores to see what their tips for the first month or so of the tackle season were. We asked what the top three places to fish were, plus lures, flies, baits and a few other things.
Here is a rundown on their answers Whenever, and wherever you fish - anywhere, or for any fish in the world - ask the locals and especially ask at the local tackle store. They know what was caught today, yesterday and on what.

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scientific anglersWe have just received the below update from Scientific Anglers concerning further testing on the new AST Plus slickness additive. These figures are quite incredible and can truly be said that the AST Plus is a game changer in the manufacturing of fly lines.

When you read these figures the new Amplitude fly lines are the best value fly lines on the market.


In our never-ending effort to bring you the best products and most up-to-date information available, we wanted to share with you some exciting developments regarding our new AST PLUS slickness additive. When we launched AST PLUS in the new Amplitude series several months ago, the test results we published were excellent. AST PLUS was far slicker than our current AST additive, and the lines lasted far longer than any of the competition’s lines.

However, in subsequent testing, we have discovered that AST PLUS is even better than we originally thought. Take a look at these updated stats:

AST PLUS is 70% SLICKER than the closest competition.

AST PLUS lasts, on average, 862% LONGER, than lines from our closest three competitors.


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